Discovering San Sebastian: iconic venues, culture and cuisine

Discovering San Sebastian: iconic venues, culture and cuisine

Written by Leyre Ínigo Lázaro

Imagine yourself. You take your car. You begin driving, and within a couple of hours you find yourself in the beautiful city of San Sebastian. What is the first thing you do? Definitely, the first thing you need to do at your arrival to this Basque city is going to the beach La Concha, and walk along it. It will be one of the most beautiful promenades your will take in your life.

After your promenade along the La Concha beach, you will probably be hungry. Don’t worry, you will be able to choose from a wide variety of dishes, as the Basque cuisine is one of the best cuisines in the world.

Finally, you will probably go to have a walk around the beautiful historic centre of the city, and finally look for San Sebastian rentals and enjoy a beautiful night in the city. That is how a normal day in San Sebastian is. Sound good, right?

In this article we recommend you the best places to enjoy the city of San Sebastian and getting to know all its secrets. We recommend you 3 simple things to do, to discover the city and enjoy it.


La Concha is probably one of the most iconic places of San Sebastian. We recommend you to start your walk in the Peine del Viento, an architectonic masterpiece done by the famous Spanish architect Eduardo Chillida, with which you will fall in love. Then, we recommend that you walk until you arrive to the new maritime promenade, where, if there are big waves, you will get the best view of them (and you will probably be splashed by the waves too). To end your walk, you should head to Miramar Palace and sit in a bench to observe the special atmosphere that is set around it.

La Concha walk San Sebastian - Paseo de La Concha Donostia - Laconcha

Moreover, if you love art, during the promenade along the beach you should definitely visit the museum Chillida Leku, where you will be able to enjoy art pieces from Eduardo Chillida.


For those who love contemporary art, we highly recommend you that you go to the Tabakalera. The Tabakalera used to be a tobacco factory. This tobacco factory was restyled, and now there are many shops in there. But these shops are not usual shops, they are shops specialised in design and art.

Moreover, if you want to enjoy more traditional pieces of art and architecture, don’t worry! We also have places to recommend you. If you travel to San Sebastian, you cannot miss visiting the Old Part of the centre of the city, where you will find authentic masterpieces such as the Basilica of Santa Maria del Coro, San Vicente Church, Miramar Palace, San Telmo Museum and the Cathedral of the Buen Pastor. You will be astonished by these amazing art-pieces.

Tabakalera San Sebastian - museum Donostia culture

However, only by walking around the centre of the city, you will find masterpieces in almost every corner. Finally, the atmosphere of the city, could be considered art as well, as it is unique in the world!


The Basque cuisine is one of the best cuisines in the world. First of all, it is a must that you have wine to accompany your meals. Everything tastes better with wine! And in San Sebastian you will find wine of the best quality.

Another must in San Sebastian, is trying pintxos. “Pintxos” are the Basque version of the famous Spanish “tapas”. “Tapas” were reinvented in the city of San Sebastian, and in some cases, they can be much better than the traditional “tapas”.

Cuisine San Sebastian gastronomy pintxos - Donostia pintxo cocina gastronomia comida pinchos

After you have done this, you will have already made yourself a good idea of how San Sebastian is, and how life is in there. However, you will still have many things to do, so we recommend that you stay more days in the city to enjoy it better.

The author of this article is Leyre Ínigo Lázaro. She studied a double degree in International Relations and a bachelor in Global Communication at the University Of Comillas in Madrid. Leyre is a very creative and determined person. She always has new projects in mind and love to overcome challenges.