Five reasons why you should visit San Sebastian

Five reasons why you should visit San Sebastian

Written by Leyre Ínigo Lázaro

San Sebastian is a beautiful city located in the Basque Country, in the North of Spain. Each year, the city of San Sebastian receives more tourists, because of all the things that the city offers. Some people are attracted to the city because of its closeness to the sea, other people are attracted to it because of its gastronomy, some because of its history and culture… However, San Sebastian is a very special city, there is an atmosphere in there that is unique, and that is the main reason why people love San Sebastian.

In this article, we offer you 5 reasons why you should travel to San Sebastian. Before you end reading it, you will already find yourself packing to go to this amazing city!


San Sebastian is a city in which always there is something to do. You can visit a mountainous landscape, a beach and a historical city within one day! La Concha Beach is located in San Sebastian. It is one of the most beautiful beaches of Europe. Moreover, for those who prefer to visit historical places and art, the old part of the city is perfectly suitable for them! Finally, for those who don’t like the city that much, and prefer a more rural landscape, they can also enjoy it! - Surfing in San Sebastian Donostia surf activities entertainment

Moreover, for sports lovers, you can also enjoy activities such as surfing or sailing in the sea, hiking in the mountains, and, for the bravest ones, you can play a Basque sport, such as Eskupilota!


Food lovers, we have great news! In San Sebastian you will have one of the best gastronomic experiences that you will have in your life!

In San Sebastian, in a radius of 25 km, in which in just 10 minutes by car, you can be in the opposite side of the radius, there are 18 Michelin Stars! San Sebastian is the city which has more Michelin Stars per squared metre. Now, you can imagine how good is the quality of this city’s gastronomy… - Gastronomy in San Sebastian Donostia food activities entertainment gourmet pintxos basque dishes

Moreover, the cuisine in San Sebastian is so broad, that you will have a hundred per cent of possibilities to find a dish you love. Finally, we highly recommend you to have pintxos in the old part of the city, it will be an experience you will never forget!


San Sebastian is beautiful. Everything in San Sebastian is beautiful and special: La Concha is a magical place, the architecture of its buildings is very special, the monuments in the city are unique… Every person that travels to San Sebastian, falls in love with the city. - Beauty of San Sebastian Donostia views landmarks visiting aerial landscape

Nowadays, many tourists like to rent apartments in San Sebastian’s city centre, so they can enjoy the views of the beautiful city all the time, and they can really experience the special atmosphere that the city has.


San Sebastian is a city located in the coast of the Cantabric Sea. This location makes San Sebastian’s beaches very special. For example, La Concha, is not the typical Spanish beach you can imagine, in which there is a very calm sea, light-coloured sand and very hot weather. La Concha is a beach made of a beautiful red-coloured sand, and which has massive waves. - Sea in San Sebastian Donostia ocean water beach

The beaches of San Sebastian are perfect for surf lovers! Moreover, in those beaches there is a unique atmosphere, because there are people enjoying the beach at any time of the year, winter, summer, autumn and spring,


In San Sebastian you will find the Basque culture, which is unique. The Basque Country is different from the rest of Spain, as they have their own language, they speak Euskera, their own traditions, their own gastronomy… And that is probably what makes San Sebastian so special. The Basque culture makes the region unique. - Culture in San Sebastian Donostia basque artist art euskadi sculpture

The Basque culture is beautiful, and the best way to being able to know it, is travelling to the Basque Country! So, we highly recommend you to travel to the Basque country, and get immersed in the Basque traditions and culture, you will love it!

The author of this article is Leyre Ínigo Lázaro. She studied a double degree in International Relations and a bachelor in Global Communication at the University Of Comillas in Madrid. Leyre is a very creative and determined person. She always has new projects in mind and love to overcome challenges.