Private garage

Our private parking garage

Private parking garage in Miraconcha

Our private parking garage, as you can see on the pictures, is a one-spot garage that can host one single car. It is large enough to fit any kind of commercial car. We usually rent out the private garage for 25€/night. It is located near Miraconcha street, and it is two minutes walk away from our Oceanfront Terrace Apartment as well as from our Beachfront Studio.

We provide a remote control as well as a manual key to open and close the garage door so that you can get your car in and out of the garage any time you want during your stay.

In case you're interested please let me know when booking the apartment, since the garage needs to be booked in advanced. The parking option is subject to availability, and only for our guests who stay in our apartments.

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This is the location of our private parking garage